Bishop Edward W. Kendeall, Sr is the Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Praise Church of God  & Tarentum Church of God  in Pittsburgh, PA and a Ordained licensed Bishop in the Church of God, International (Cleveland, TN) denomination . He  is married to his Lovely wife of 40 years Shirley Kendeall, and together they share responsibility for four children, and  four grandchildren. 


For more than two decades, Bishop Kendeall has been active in Pastoral Ministry preaching and teaching the the word of God throughout the world. Bishop Kendealls' preaching is known to be powerful, inspiring, life changing and anointed.


Bishop Kendeall is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa where he was reared in the AME church during his childhood. Bishop Kendeall in his early teen years strayed away from his teaching and lived a fast life. Throughout those fast years, Bishop Kendeall miraculously survived countless near death encounters, that ultimately led him to give his life over to the lord. 


Shortly, after his conversion, Bishop Kendeall heard the call of the Lord to Evangelize and Pastor. After many years of training under the Late Pastor Willie Spencer, Bishop Kendeall was commissioned to pastor.  His first pastoral assignment was the Church of God Philadelphia where he spent a few years. Bishop Kendeall was later welcomed in Florida, where he spent 18 years pastoring and fulfilling his call as the Church of God - Cocoa office State Youth Director. 


Bishop Kendeall returned to Pittsburgh with his family in 1998, to pastor the Tarentum and Cathedral of Praise Church of God . Bishop Kendeall is actively pursuing the will of God  and impacting the communities in which his ministry serves. 


Contact information:

( 412) 708-6989

Our Pastor  

Bishop Eward W. Kendeall, &

 First Lady  Shirley Kendeall


Our Mission 


To provide purpose, spiritual growth and leadership. We are a haven for hurting souls, helping men, women and children, develop spiritually, emotionally and socially, through preaching the whole bible,  teaching a holistic gospel,  and evangelizing the community. We are Christ -centered, evangelistic in worship and Pentecostal in praise.

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